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Hej Främling!

Hej främling! is a Swedish non-governmental organisation offering health boosting activities free of charge and open for everyone. The organisation was founded in 2013 and has developed an integration method that thousands of refugees and local citizens have taken part of throughout the years. The activities are led by volunteers and are mainly culture, sport and nature related. Activities like choir singing, football, running, mountain hiking and skiing are very popular and regular initiatives can be found in nine cities around Sweden. Together they have created very successful platforms from where new comers and established Swedes can grow friendships and build networks valuable for both parts and had more than 14 000 participants during 2017.

I came in contact with Hej Främling! through Ungt Ledarskap a few years ago. They are doing amazing things for people who really need it and I’ve done best to help out with as much graphic and communicative work as I can.